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One-stop Video Production Services for Compelling Videos

Crunchy Frog Productions offers one-stop video production services; nurturing our client’s ideas through all the stages of development, physical production and post-production to final delivery. We also deploy the most talented people in the industry to operate our latest cameras and high-end production equipment to deliver world class video production for our clients.

Our Scope of Work:

1.  Concept Development
2.  Corporate, Instructional and Promotion Videos
3.  Brand / Product Videos
4.  Website & TV Commercials
5.  Trailers & Documentaries
6.  Eye-catching Video Editing
7.  Concerts & Events
8.  Awesome 2D & 3D animations
9.  Creative Script Writing
10. DVD - BLU-RAY authoring and duplication

If you have a product to launch, an image to build, a vision to share or a story to tell and want to do it through video, get in touch with us HERE

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Why Videos?

The use of video production to market a company’s product or service has been around for a long time. However with the advent of Digital technology and the internet, videos have found their way to a whole new spectrum of spectators and across all boundaries. The beauty of this is that people remember what they watch in videos more than what they read in text.
So this is all well and great, but how does this translate to sales or awareness of your business, product or service? There are several ways that videos can help:
The granddaddy of them all, commercials are the most common type of video used to market a company’s product or service. They show the product/service in action and present it in a unique way. Buying decisions are often made on an emotional level, and since videos involve the viewer’s emotions, commercials influence customers to buy the product/service being advertised. As Zig Ziglar said, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”
Viral Videos

With the addition of videos to your company’s marketing plan you can expect a significant increase in your company’s clients and profits and the more videos you have made the bigger that increase.

Some Videos We've Done

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