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Crunchy Frog Productions is a PJ / KL-based Web and Video Production House creating dynamic and amazing websites and videos for Multi-national Corporations, Small and Medium Companies across a wide range of industries.

We are in the business of using our expertise and creativity to connect with your audience – to convey your brand, story and message intellectually and emotionally.

Our motto is “whatever you desire to communicate, we can make it happen for you”. We believe we have the skills, talents and magical touch to turn bold and gutsy ideas into reality for our clients.


Hardeep Singh


Hardeep Singh, the Founder and Creative Director of Crunchy Frog Productions has been creating multi-media content for websites, corporate and marketing videos since 2005.

His magical ability to visualize “out-of-the-box” ideas topped with his “dare-to-experiment” attitude, splashed with his knack for precise, timely and cost-effective solutions for most video challenges has earned him (and his company) the recognition as the power-house for answers to gutzy, amazing videos for clients. 

His underlying mission is to change the way websites and corporate videos are conceptualized and produced in Malaysia.


The Team and Talents at Crunchy Frog Productions

Our team of producers, directors, editors, writers and web coders come from diverse backgrounds. They have 20 years of combined experience and expertise in both local and international projects.

With the array of cultural diversity in the team, Crunchy Frog Productions is able to bridge the gap between clients’ needs and their audience.

Crunchy Frog Productions is one unified place for creating amazing websites and videos that inspire, educate and entice audience.


The “Magic” created by Crunchy Frog Productions
See the story told. Feel the image built. Capture the magic created.

Crunchy Frog Productions enables clients to convey their important message in engaging and persuasive ways. We make their message compelling and relatable to their audience – through the magic we create in our creative story-telling and dynamic web and video productions.

Our Success Stories – See the “Magic” created:

Why Use Us?


1. Help clients gain competitive advantage in the market
Our “dare-to-experiment” attitude enables us to turn “out-of-the-box” ideas into best project work for clients to gain a competitive advantage.


2. Video production delivered on time
Our flair for delivering timely solutions for both web and video production challenges is a boon for clients who needs the work done fast to maximize returns on investment on time and money.


3. Best quality work at cost effective rates
Our deployment of “just-enough” talents and resources for the project allows clients to get the best quality work at the most cost effective rates.


4. Tap onto our 20 years of experience, locally and internationally
Our diverse team with 20 years of combined experience both locally and internationally is mobilized to strategize, plan and execute any ambitions and aspirations of our clients.


5. Provide clients personalized customer service
Our boutique size development and production house offers our clients personalized attention and customized services because we want to deliver the most enjoyable experience working with our clients (and vice versa).

Crunchy Frog Productions

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Phone: +6012 235 2882

Fax: +603 7784 4855


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