Luscious By Lisa T

Simply put, Luscious is designed to fulfill your innermost desires, escaping reality into a world of cream and crumb, with little cloud on your tongue. We want you to experience sensuality through food. We want your breath to catch in your throat as a memory from taste, letting desire take control. Luscious is the promise of escapism, reminding ourselves to take life with a ‘pinch of salt’ (pun intended), to pursue our inner longings and live our dreams, the occational guilt-free getaway into a world where we can ‘Have your cake and Eat it too’ - and all in good humour. The Luscious individual is genuinely different, exquisite to the senses, desirable, and makes lemon meringue pies out of lemons thrown our way. And as we take a bite, we pause as if to say ‘Why not’… close our eyes in pure content, and munch away.

Our passion inspires us to give new meaning to ‘being whipped’ (the cream, that is) and we want to share this with the world.

Crafting the art of desire has never been so exciting.. and tasteful.


03 November 2017

Project Title

Luscious By Lisa T


Retail, eCommerce, Food & Beverage
Luscious By Lisa T